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Meet Shelly Kim

Artist, Educator, Author, Podcaster, Coffee Lover

I am the artist behind Letters By Shells and I discovered the act of creating art as a creative outlet from my desire to release stress from my full-time insurance job back in 2015.

I have made it a mission for my artwork to express love and positivity, and for it to inspire others to believe that anything in life is totally possible.

Through this beautiful art, I have now found a love for teaching, giving me the opportunity to teach lettering workshops all over the world. This has led up to me creating my newest creation, my book, Digital Hand Lettering and Modern Calligraphy.


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"The hand-brushed lettering workshop with Shelly was one of the most thoughtfully laid out classes I've taken in a long time..."

- Kevin C.

"Shelly really knows how to make the craft approachable for beginners, and she provides a ton of resources to support her students' budding development..."

- Malika W.

"Your teaching techniques are great, easy to understand and I also liked how you worked your way around to everyone to see how each one was doing individually..."

- Dianne C.

The Workshop Experience

Past Collaborations

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The Hobby to Business Podcast

If you're ready to go from side hustle hobby to fully fledged freelancer, this is the podcast for you! Your hosts Shelly Kim and Emma Witte are both full-time artists who have turned their hobbies into businesses, and are here to help you do the same by sharing lessons they've learned, mistakes they've made and challenges they've faced.

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