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lettering, watercolors, educator, positive vibes, DIYer, coffee & plant lover

I'm Shelly! I am a self-taught Modern Brush Calligrapher based in the SoCal area. On the weekends, I enjoy hosting workshops in the OC & LA area to teach others the beauty of Modern Brush Lettering! 

Growing up, I have always had a love for crafts and typography! Modern Brush Lettering was a new hobby I wanted to learn since it was so different and elegant, but at the same time, extremely difficult. I saw this challenge as an awesome opportunity to learn something different! I first started this new hobby back in June of 2015. However, I was really discouraged in the beginning. I have had my share of ups & downs exploring this new hobby and actually gave up numerous times before picking up the brush pen again in late September 2015. From that point, I never put the brush pen back down. I truly believe that anything in life is possible as long as you are passionate and believe in the process!

My purpose of wanting to start Modern Brush Lettering was because I wanted to hand letter quotes about love, positivity, & self-love on social media. When I was working full-time at an insurance agency, I realized that this was not my passion and I couldn’t picture myself working there until retirement. As months & years went by, I noticed the simple things in life I once enjoyed were completely gone. I found myself burnt out, exhausted, stressed, and very lonely during this process. Although I did this before, I started to look up positive affirmations again on social media & this is where I came across the beauty of hand-lettering! My life changed in that moment because I have always loved typography, I used to write various types of block letters and Art Deco, so when I saw hand-lettering, this creativity inside of me exploded with joy. I wanted to learn everything about it, understand the different mediums, and basically become an expert in it! 

 I wanted to learn this art of lettering because more than ever, I needed this creativity & positive drive in my life all over again. I needed to remind myself to enjoy the little things in life & I wanted to share this positivity & literally all the positive vibes on a bigger platform, social media – Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, you name it! I told myself, I am not the only one who is exhausted, stressed out, and feeling alone. I wanted to connect with others on so many levels & make them realize that they are loved, beautiful, strong, and everything & anything you can possibly imagine. <3

Lettering to me goes way beyond exploring my creativity. For me, it creates an open, positive, and free outlet that I would love for others to join in on with me. I need you to remember this, “live your passion, everyday” & pursue those dreams you have. It’s going to take time, patience, & you have to make sure your heart & energy is 150%, but it is soooo worth it because your journey & strength will inspire other people too. This is what my lettering journey has proven & shown me. I had a “new purpose” in life all over again and I am loving everyday where I get to do lettering full-time now.

My motto in life is to motivate and uplift one another and I am so grateful that I was able to incorporate my motto into my lettering. My love for positivity was one of the main reasons why I created Letters By Shells. When I started my Instagram page for @lettersbyshells, I was so blown away by all the love & positive feedback I received from my work! I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing lettering community & meet such wonderful people! The love & support I received inspired me to open up my Etsy shop back in June 2016!

When I first started this new hobby, I had no idea what was going to happen. I just believed in why I started this hobby! I really had no idea of all the opportunities my love for Modern Brush Lettering was going to open up. This hobby has allowed me to understand myself better and appreciate the little things in life so much more. I have had the honor to work with so many different companies showcasing my lettering. I am also super excited to share that my Step-by-Step Instructional Card Set I have been working on for over a year with Quarto Publishing are officially released! I am so honored that I have been able to have this opportunity! You can order my 
Modern Calligraphy & Art Deco Tins on Amazon!

When I am working on new projects, I find inspiration in anything! I find inspiration through meeting new people, friends, family, and from other artists and calligraphers! My main focus is to see how I can continue to spread positive vibes through my lettering & ways to collaborate with other people. 

Remember, "the more we support, share, and show compassion, we are all winners! Together, we can conquer anything!” -Shelly

Always remember to just trust the process, never give up &
to dream big! 

Thank you so much for stopping by my page and a big shout out to all my followers! You are seriously amazing! 

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