One thing I absolutely love about this lettering journey is the opportunity to teach Lettering Workshops. The best part of teaching in person is the fact that I get to share the beauty of lettering & help build this amazing community filled with people who want to explore their creativity. 

After teaching various lettering workshops from brush lettering to iPad lettering, in a variety of different locations such as
New York City, Texas, Seattle, Australia, and California, I have learned so much from every workshop I have taught. With this experience, I truly understand the common struggles that people encounter when they first explore this beautiful art of modern calligraphy. Taking all of the feedback, and sharing my love for lettering and public speaking, my lettering workshops have been tailored to get you to explore your creativity, and get the creative juices flowing so that you will understand everything you need to know about Modern Brush Calligraphy.

Together, we will explore my recommended pen and paper brands, gain a strong understanding of the basics, clearly break down each letter to its fundamentals, learn to express yourself by developing your own style of connecting letters, and cover any frequently asked questions. It took me 3 years to hand pick my favorite brush pens and paper, master the modern calligraphy basics, grasp the letter formations and finally develop my own style. These are the things I look forward to seeing each and every one of my students learn in my workshops. My workshops definitely cover lots of information, but it is everything you need know to get started with Modern Brush Calligraphy.


Student reviews: 

"I’ve had the pleasure of taking 3 workshops with Shelly now! Two of which were hosted in my space in Chicago and a real treat! She was so organized, easy to work with, and a trooper in the snow! I had zero lettering experience prior to taking her classes - proof that anyone can do it! Her positivity and encouragement have inspired me to keep practicing a variety of calligraphy and watercolor techniques as a creative outlet. I highly recommend taking Shelly’s classes if you’re new to lettering or if you’re an experienced letterer. She has a wealth of knowledge and resources available to continue supporting you even after the workshop is over!" - Leigh of Indigo & Violet Studio

"The hand-brushed lettering workshop with Shelly was one of the most thoughtfully laid out classes I've taken in a long time. Not only does she have a deep love for what she does, Shelly is the warmest, most encouraging teacher a complete beginner like me, could ask for! We learned and practiced so many useful techniques in the action-packed three hours, with Shelly giving us personal one-on-one pointers along the way. Other students in the class remarked that they had taken lettering courses with different instructors and that the information and tips Shelly provided were far more useful than what they were taught elsewhere. I would absolutely recommend Shelly to anyone who wants to learn this beautiful art form."  - Kevin C.

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Student reviews: 

"It was my honor to attend your class, I learned so much and it was well worth the cost.  This is exactly the type of class that I was looking for. I had seen many videos online and just could not grasp the technique. In googling hands on classes, I came across the cute shop that offered classes.  I was so excited and enjoyed every minute of it.  Thank you for breaking down each stroke and explaining reason for each. I now feel confident that I too can do brush lettering. I will look up your videos and keep an eye for more classes. Thank you again."  
Tina V.

"I loved your classes!!  I attended two of them on 3/8/2019 and enjoyed them so much!  You were so patient, sweet and sincere in wanting to share/teach your calligraphy techniques.  You have such a talent and I will continue to follow you in hopes that I will learn so much more from you!"    
- Ann

"I had a delightful time at Shelly's workshop. I've fantasized about being able to do my own fancy lettering for a long time, and I didn't believe that getting started could be so easy. Shelly really knows how to make the craft approachable for beginners, and she provides a ton of resources to support her students' budding development. I left with several specialized pens, paper, and a workbook with practice sheets. The flow of the class had a set structure but there was also room for individual questions along the way - the vibe was very laid back and supportive. I would totally do this again!"

- Malika Williams, Director of Center for Womens Voice

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