Simple Watercolor Floral Name Tags Step-by-Step

Let’s create simple watercolor floral name tags together. I’ll be sharing my steps and techniques when creating these names tags!

Here's a quick tutorial using the Crayola Marker to achieve Modern Calligraphy! Together, let's write the word JOY!

Let's explore 2 different metallic brush pen brands - Papermania vs Kuretake Brush Pens! Watch to learn more about the differences & which one appears to be more shimmery!

Let's explore the beautiful Coliro's Pearlcolors Set together! In this video, I will share my techniques and tips when using their amazing set for both Pointed Pen & Water Brush Pen! Watch their colors come to life!

My purpose of creating the Let's Create Letters series: I remember a few years ago when I first started lettering, I felt confused, discouraged, overwhelmed & wish I had a support system. I basically wished I had someone to letter with. This is one of the reasons why I created my Modern Calligraphy step-by-step cards! After my struggle, and months of frustration of just getting started, I would now LOVE to be your support system! Come watch my series where I letter all the letters from A - Z in REAL TIME!

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