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The Online Lettering Course

Coming Soon!

The Details + The WHY

It's finally happening! My first online course all about Lettering is coming in just a few months... I have always dreamed of teaching an online lettering course and I have even been approached by many online schools to teach a course all about lettering, but something kept stopping me.

In my heart, I wanted more experience working with students and to understand the true struggles beginners face when it came to lettering for the first time. I made this my new mission, to learn everything I could to understand the challenges. 

The reason I feel so passionate about lettering is because I remember when I was working at my full-time job in 2015, just doodling away and trying to learn lettering, I was so confused, disappointed and had tons of questions about getting started. 


I understand the struggles, and after teaching at least 2-3 in-person workshops every month since 2016, I can now confidently say that I totally understand all the struggles and challenges that beginners face.

After teaching over 2,500 students in my in-person workshops, I have created the perfect learning structure that makes lettering more approachable rather than intimidating. Honestly, if I could do this, I believe you can too (says the girl who gave up 5 times before trying again)...

Let's finally do this together and learn the beauty of lettering!

Dosist x LBS
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