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How to Layer Multiple Vinyls

**This DIY blog post is sponsored by Michaels. All thoughts, opinions, ideas, and content creation are my own. Thank you Michaels for sponsoring this fun vinyl how-to tutorial!**

It’s time to create, have fun and vinyl all the things! If you have been following my journey for some time, you may already know about my obsession with vinyl! Today, I’m sharing my vinyl process and I will also be sharing my tips when layering multiple vinyls too!

This entire vinyl project was inspired by my love for abstract designs, lettering, and of course, plants!


Yayyy! Let’s do this! Grab your fav vinyls because it’s time to vinyl all the things!

Step One: Design your artwork.

Step Two: Send your artwork as individual files to the Silhouette Program and prep your artwork for the cutting process.

Tip: Adding circle guides above your artwork will make the vinyl layering process more seamless.

Step Three: Cut your artwork separately for the vinyl process. The cut settings may vary depending on the type of vinyl used.

Step Four: Remove the excess vinyl and use a piece of transfer tape to begin the layering process.

Step Five: Use the circle guides to layer the vinyls. TIP: Try holding the vinyls horizontally when layering them to make the process easier.

Step Six: Repeat the same process until all the vinyls have been layered. Note: If the circles do not line-up, it's totally okay! Remember to just have fun!

Step Seven: Once the vinyls are layered, cut off the excess vinyl and circle guides.

Step Eight: Now it's time for the fun part! Peel the vinyl.

Step Nine: Start applying the vinyls to your picture frame and remove the transfer tape. Repeat the same process until all the vinyls have been applied to the surface.

That’s it! You are all done! Yayyy! I hope you enjoyed this vinyl tutorial and had fun learning how to layer vinyls! Thank you for taking the time to create and vinyl with me!

If you recreate this piece or create any vinyl project with layered vinyls, please tag me on social media at @lettersbyshells. I would love to see your lovely creations and don’t forget to use the hashtag #MakeItWithMichaels!

As always, you are the best! Sending you all the love and positive vibes! :)

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