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Sharing my fav tools when packing orders + some DIY ideas and tips :)

**This blog post is sponsored by Brother USA. All thoughts, opinions, ideas, and content creation are my own. Thank you Brother USA for sponsoring this blog and for partnering with local artists and small biz owners!**

Today, I will be sharing my fav DIY projects, tips + tools when packing orders as an artist & small biz owner! ✨

DIY Ideas - Create your own sticker labels and packaging stickers to elevate and add branding to your products!

Product Tip - When launching new products, such as prints, I love printing my art prints at home this way I can limit inventory and print as orders come in!

My Fav Tools -

  • I love using my Brother Printer to print basically everything from my art prints, lettering practice sheets, invoice orders, sticker sheets, etc.

  • Having sticker paper readily available to print my product labels and packaging stickers!

  • The Brother Refresh EZ Print Subscription Service! I have been enjoying this subscription because my ink levels and page count are monitored, which means ink will be delivered before I run out! I feel like this is the perfect solution for any small biz owner especially if you are like me and always using your printer!

Yayy! Come hangout with me to see some behind the scenes and my process on packing orders! 😊💖

I hope you enjoyed learning more about my process on packing orders, tips and my fav tools! 🤗

Thank you for being here and a huge shoutout to Brother USA for this wonderful opportunity and for partnering with local artists + small biz owners! 💛

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