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DIY felt ornaments using my Glowforge Aura 🎄💖

This DIY blog post is sponsored by Glowforge and contains *affiliate links. All thoughts, opinions, ideas, and content creation are my own. Thank you Glowforge for sponsoring this DIY felt ornament project + how-to tutorial.

Yayy! I’ve always been obsessed with felt ornaments, but I could never find the ✨perfect one✨ so this year I decided to make them featuring my doodles using the Glowforge Aura and I thought it would be super fun to share my entire process! ⭐️🎄🎁 After going to my local Michaels Stores to get some felt, I did a few test cuts and here are the settings I used to cut the felt ➡️ Speed: 100, Power: 10 and # of passes: 2 (note: these settings may change based on the felt material, felt thickness and felt color).

various crafting projects created using the glowforge aura

Let’s get started! Click the play button below to watch the video tutorial + a few other holiday projects too :)

Step 1 - Create your doodles and illustrations! I like using my iPad and drawing on apps like Adobe Fresco and Procreate.

brainstorming process featuring journal

Step 2 - Afterwards, I’ll export my file and open it up in Adobe Illustrator to vector my artwork and edit/add additional illustrations. Then I’ll export my designs in SVG format.

sketching on the iPad using the Adobe Fresco App

Step 3 - Get your Glowforge Aura ready to go and upload your design to the Glowforge App! Feel free to resize and rearrange your artwork. After you are happy with the layout, start the cutting process!

Creating SVG files using Adobe Illustrator

I’ve said this before, but I love using the Glowforge Aura’s camera! It’s been super helpful to visually see everything and it also makes it super simple to identify Glowforge’s Proofgrade materials which preload the settings for cutting, engraving, and printing!

My process using the Glowforge App

Step 4 - After the felt has been cut, it’s time to glue or sew on the details.

using the glowforge aura camera pt 1

Step 5 - Using a needle and thread, start sewing the edges and make sure to leave a small opening at the bottom or top of the piece.

using the glowforge aura camera pt 2

Step 6 - Fill the felt ornaments. I used a fiber fill I found at my local Michaels Stores.

using posca markers

Step 7 - Close up the opening and cut any loose threads visible.

Step 8 - Add some string behind the ornaments!

And yayy that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this DIY felt ornament project! :)

Thank you for taking the time to create with me! If you recreate this, please tag us on social media at @lettersbyshells and @glowforge! We would love to see your beautiful creations! Check out the Glowforge Aura here

Remember, you are the BEST! Sending you all the love and positive vibes! :) 

*Affiliate Link Disclaimer- This means if you use the above product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This is not an additional cost to you, but helps small businesses like me continue to do what I love and create these fun tutorials. Thank you for your love and support! :)

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